1 Minute FaceLift

About Us 

Elizabeth Colvin, owner of 1 Minute FaceLift, is a lifelong adventurer, having lived in multiple countries since childhood and has walked many life paths along the way.

She is an endless creator, working with her hands, the natural elements, furniture, paint, plants and anything that strikes her fancy in order to create beauty around her.

Elizabeth is also the owner and founder of Springboard Wellness, a health and wellness consultant service.

At Springboard Wellness, she utilizes her knowledge of fitness, nutrition, natural health and positivity to harness your energy, channel your potential, and manifest your most authentic, powerful self. 

With her passion for natural health and beauty, Elizabeth is proud to be the owner of 1 Minute Facelift.

At 1 Minute FaceLift, we create natural, organic skincare products for people of all ages and genders to help bring out the radiance of their skin and enjoy it for years to come.