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The 1 Minute FaceLift Story

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Hi my name is Patti Beggs and 1 Minute FaceLift is my passion.

1 Minute FaceLift Story

Why I developed the 1 Minute Facelift…I grew up on the west coast of Florida and loved the sunshine life. My professional career as a flight attendant exposed my skin to the dry air of the pressurized cabins for 22 years. It was amazing and scary too, how I saw the aging of my skin happening so quickly. In 1989 my professional life took a healthy turn, and my interests in the healing and wellness field led me to open my first spa. I became a holistic skin & body care therapist.

Throughout my years as a skincare therapist, my clients have always asked what they could do to help their skin age gracefully. Whether it was avoiding invasive & costly surgical procedures or painful Botox injections, clients always seemed to want a more natural approach. My first question was, what makes our skin supple? My answer, natural face oils which penetrate beyond the surface of the skin to the lipid barrier, where dry skin starts. Besides maintaining the integrity of the lipid barrier, oils inhibit oxidative damage. Oxidative damage equals wrinkles.

I formulated 1MFL Rejuvenation Oil with a synergistic blend of nature’s organic oils, which feed and nourish the skin.
The next question I asked myself was how to enhance the benefits of the oil once applied to the skin. My answer, facial massage. My interests in and knowledge of Asian healing arts led me to create the 1 Minute FaceLift facial massage routine on Guasha Therapy. This facial massage technique is done with the 1MFL Jade Tool, which creates circulation, oxygenates tissue and enhances the absorption of the Rejuvenation Oil into the dermis. Now at 67 years young, when friends and customers ask me what I do to keep my skin looking great, I tell them “I use 1 Minute FaceLift and have for many years! It is easy, it is relaxing and it works”.

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